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Monday, July 19, 2010

Do girls think its funny?

do girls think it funny when they see a guy walk by with an erection in his pants? i get erections all the time cant help it i just wonder if a girl notices if she would find it funny gross or a turn on?
It depends entirely on the girl. If it

Will this burn leave a scar?

I got a burn right on my arm from touching the edge of my oven with it. It left a red spot, but no blisters, and it

Can you buy inhalers in a pharmacy without the doctor giving you a medical certificate?

No. The medication in inhalers are available by prescription only. They are substances that, if used incorrectly or without the appropriate knowledge, can be dangerous to your health. Therefore, a physician must prescribe you one.

I love my exercise videos just need a plan?

I have three videos that I really love. The first one is Pilates and it focuses on the abs, arms, hips, and thighs.

The other one is Yoga which focuses on strengthening, stretching, and revitalizing.

The other one is

How to cure impetigo?

I don

What are the coricidin hallucinations like?

okay so i just took triple c

Where in Connecticut can I get a Tuberculosis test?

I need either a Mantoux test or a blood test, whichever is cheaper!
Apparently at CVS:

The links below should give you all the information you need. Scroll down at the CT government Dept. of Public Health website and there is a link.

Usually the IPPD skin test is done first. When I was in the USAF I was tested annually with my physical. Many years later I had positive skin test indicating I was exposed to TB. As a converter (formerly negative, now positive) I had a chest x-ray, (negative) and now do not take another.

Good luck.